Twenty-five years serving Kentucky’s families

Lifeline Homecare is a Kentucky-based company providing the best in quality non-medical homecare since 1989.  Our trusted caregivers provide personal care services and support to people living in their homes, allowing loved ones to preserve their independence and promoting their well-being.

We’re not a franchise from another state.  We’re a locally-grown business headquartered in Somerset, Kentucky.  With our Kentucky roots firmly planted long ago, we understand the unique values of Kentucky’s families around integrity, trust and reliability. With our stringent caregiver requirements, and our reputation for excellence, over 35,000 clients have welcomed us into their homes.

Our regional offices are located throughout the state of Kentucky, so we’re always close by. Our professional and trained caregivers are local, ensuring fast service and reliability when it counts the most you for your loved one.

We are passionate about delivering quality services with the highest of standards so that we are your choice in home care in Kentucky.

Our Vision for Home Care

Our vision is to deliver the best in non-medical care in Kentucky to help people live fulfilled, independent lives.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide flexible, individualized care support of the highest standard, which promotes independence, dignity and choice.

Our Brand

Lifeline’s logo is reminiscent of the dogwood flower which symbolizes strength, compassion, empathy and rejuvenation.  Each petal (bract) of the flower represents one of Lifeline’s four Dimensions of Homecare Excellence: Compassionate Care; Quality Care; Dependable Care; and, Personalized Care.

The green center of the flower represents our clients, which are the focus of our home care services.  The color green represents safety, stability and endurance.

The white layer between the petals and the green center represents Lifeline Homecare and connects the client to comprehensive non-medical home care represented by the petals.  The white layer evokes the notion of a safety net provided by Lifeline Homecare that gives our clients a choice to remain in their homes, while preserving their independence and dignity.

The phrase, “Because Life Happens at Home” underscores our belief that people thrive in home environments that are familiar, comfortable and safe, with the supports that enable them to live fulfilling, independent lives.